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5 Ways to Introduce Cultural Awareness to Children

Katya Belitskiy Raising Global Citizens

When it comes to getting children interested in different cultures, whether it’s your own or ones you’ll be learning about alongside them, it’s never too early. Children are little sponges, curious about the world around them and exploring new things every day.This curiosity is an incredible thing and gives parents and other caregivers many opportunities to raise a culturally aware new generation.

hot to introduce cultural awareness to children

If you have babies or small children in your life, you’ve probably noticed that they begin to show an interest in various cultures early on. They’re curious about ethnic foods, foreign languages, different traditions, and more. Now’s the time to encourage this curiosity and expose them to different cultures in fun, interactive ways:

  1. Build a culturally colorful library. Read your kids bedtime stories that take place in other countries or include foreign words.  
  2. Sign them up for foreign language classes. Whether you’re a bilingual parent or not, the gift of multiple languages has benefits that last a lifetime.
  3. Listen to music from around the world while you’re driving, dancing, or just hanging out. Learn to sign songs in different languages together. Check out Music Together, a music program that helps get kids excited about music from around the world.
  4. Download videos and games that match your child’s interests, age, and linguistic ability. Play them together every day.
  5. Hang a world map (or a map of another country) in their room. Place a thumbtack on every country the kids learn about or visit.

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What are your challenges introducing cultural awareness to your children?

5 way to introduce cultural awareness to children


Katya Belitskiy is a mom and professional graphic designer who helps parents raise good global citizens using educational, inspirational, and playful kids room decor. She is passionate about helping moms and dads inspire children to explore our amazing world. She believes it’s always the right time to introduce children to other cultures from around the world and inspire them to become world citizens.


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