8 Fun Ways to Teach Russian Alphabet to Your Child

Are you teaching your child Russian language and want to make sure they have the best supplies to learn Russian alphabet? In this article, I’ve put together a collection of awesome Russian Alphabet products you can get your child today and inspire them to learn Russian letters.

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1. Decorate walls with a colorful Russian alphabet poster with animals.

Inspire your child to learn Russian language with Russian alphabet poster. Want this alphabet now? Download a digital file of the Russian alphabet and print it at Kinko’s, Walgreens, Costco, Staples, or other professional printing resource.

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Get yours here.

2. Add an interactive wooden Russian letter blocks to their toy box.

Let your child build tall towers with high quality wooden Russian alphabet, while learning Russian letters and animals at the same time.  

wooden russian alphabet blocks

Get yours on Amazon.

3. Take them on a journey with a Russian alphabet book - Azbuka.

Beautifully illustrated colorful Azbuka book where every letter has its own story taking your child on an adventure of Russian language and learn to read in Russian language.

Russian Alphabet Book - Azbuka - Russian Letters

Get yours on Etsy.

4. Let those little hands play with Russian wooden alphabet puzzle.

Perfect educational 3D toy to help your child learn Russian letters while developing small motor skills by putting letters in the correct order with this wooden Russian alphabet puzzle.

Wooden Russian Alphabet Puzzle for Kids

Get your on Etsy.

5. Put together child’s name with handmade felt Russian alphabet.

Beautiful set of handmade felt Russian alphabet is perfect for the little hands to explore each letter, learn color and put together words.

handmade felt Russian alphabet

Get your on Etsy.

6. Let them play with cute Russian alphabet flashcards.

This beautiful set of Russian alphabet flashcards with letters and funny illustrations of animals will help your child learn Russian letters and names of animals. 

Russian Alphabet Flashcards

Get yours on Etsy.

7. Make an edible version of Russian alphabet.

Use this Russian alphabet silicone mold to make chocolate candies and enjoy learning Russian language munching on letter candies with hot tea. 

Russian Alphabet Silicone Mold

Get your on Amazon.

8. Add Russian alphabet magnets to your refrigerator.

Keep your little one busy while you cook. These wooden magnetic Russian alphabet letters will keep your little one entertained.

Russian alphabet magnets

Get yours on Etsy.

Are you raising your child to speak Russian language? I’d love to hear your challenges and tips in the comments below!

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