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Raising Good Global Citizens

Katya Belitskiy Raising Global Citizens

As a new mom who’s fluent in English and Russian, it was never a question if I would raise my son to be bilingual. However, from the day he was born, I’ve faced many challenges that made me address another important question: how would I do this? 

Raising a global citizen may come with it's challenges. I'm sharing my experience and tips on being successful in doing so. Sign up for Pictureta's email and get tips and article, special offers and more.

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During the first year of his life, I found a ton of great information on how to introduce two languages into his life. But I wanted to go beyond languages and get him interested in the Ukrainian and Russian cultures and understand our family roots.  

As a designer, I wanted to start by building an environment that would encourage his curiosity and teach him about a variety of cultures in fun and interactive ways. However, I was surprised by the lack of options when it came to nursery decor and made it my personal mission to design a nursery that would stimulate his mind and introduce him to a world much bigger than what is in front of him.  

From this newfound passion, my company, Pictureta, was born. I’ve had a blast designing personalized maps, nursery art, and bilingual decor for parents, friends, and basically anyone who’s interested in raising good global citizens from an early age. And starting today, I’m sharing my research and personal experience on this blog to make it easy help children explore our amazing world.
Check out my first blog post — 5 Ways to Introduce Cultural Awareness at an Early Age — and look for regular posts on similar topics throughout 2017. Together, I hope we can all raise great global citizens! 

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Raising Good Global Citizens

What are your challenges when teaching your kids about different languages and cultures? How did you overcome them? I'd love to hear from you!

raising good global citizens, pictureta, nursery and playroom decor


Katya Belitskiy is a mom and professional graphic designer who helps parents raise good global citizens using educational, inspirational, and playful kids room decor. She is passionate about helping moms and dads inspire children to explore our amazing world. She believes it’s always the right time to introduce children to other cultures from around the world and inspire them to become world citizens.

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