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Our Story and Mom Behind It All

Do you remember what hung on your bedroom wall when you were little?

I know I do. It was a pencil portrait of me, a little framed oil painting of the ocean and the beach with actual pieces of rocks glued to the top of it (really creative concept back in late 80s), and the wall clock. So, if our visual memory is so great, would it make a difference in our children’s life if we decorate our walls with something more meaningful for them to grow up around?

Hello, I’m Katya and I’m on a mission to help parents raise good global citizens through the use of educational, inspirational, and playful art for children.

My story began when I was expecting my first child. I wanted to add an educational and modern nursery décor to his room, but couldn’t find anything I liked. Having worked as a graphic designer for over 15 years, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create meaningful nursery art that would educate and inspire my son.

That’s how Pictureta was born. I hope I can find ways to help you educate and inspire children through our growing collection of nursery art and playroom wall decor that include children’s world maps, inspirational nursery art, growth charts and more.

I really hope your children have fun time exploring my educational, modern and playful wall decor. Since they are the best judges of my work, please send me a note to about the topics that you’d like to teach your children through art. I would love to hear your ideas!

Check out our world map for kids, nursery and playroom decor, and printable nursery art.

P.S. In our modern world, a lot of children are growing up in bilingual families, and that’s why I’ve created a collection of bilingual world maps to explore with your children.

Pictureta is here to help you create an artistic learning environment for your children.

Notes from Happy Customers

Thrilled with this addition to our playroom. Beautiful colors, so creative. Love it!
Megan N.

Not only did this poster ship fast, it is absolutely adorable in our new home in the kids' playroom!!!! We are so happy! Thank you.”
Leigh A.

Just what I was looking for in our new playroom - colorful, bright and cute. Thanks!
Alicia R.

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