10 Printable Christmas Coloring Pages - Santa Around The World


Are you looking for a fun and educational Christmas Coloring Pages that will keep your child occupied?

Santa Around the World printable Christmas coloring pages will help your child learn how Santa Claus looks like in other countries.

10 Christmas coloring pages feature Santa Claus from United States, The Three Kings from Cuba, Papai Noel from Brazil, Krismis Vader from South Africa, Father Christmas from England, Santa Claus from Australia, Yul Tomten from Sweden, Ded Moroz from Russian, Dun Che Lao Ren from China, and Joulupukki from Finland.

You Will Receive:

- 1 Printable PDF file with ten 8.5" x 11" Christmas coloring pages featuring Santa Claus Around the World. 


- For PERSONAL use only.
- Copyright remains with Pictureta.

Have questions? Please contact us at hello@pictureta.com


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